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- from the Soares'y family of Portugal

The new and improved Soares’y Guitar – While many consider the term – New And Improved – To mean that the makers have found a way to make it for less and sell it for more – We on the other hand, have spent years – Not only listing to our buyers – But also doing extensive research on what makes a good guitar – With over 20 Years experience in producing Tenor Guitars as well as other short scale instruments – From – Octave Mandolins – Mandocellos – 4 / 5 / & 8 – String Tenors – As well as others – We have come to learn that 90% of any good guitar is the neck – If the neck fails – The rest is worthless – So we have put everything that we know into the neck – We looked at all the old makers as well as the new ones – We also consulted with Banjo neck makers – As many banjo necks have the same thin profile – But tend to be a bit longer – So we were very interested in them as well.. continued.. click here to read more!